Announcement for beta testers

Firstly, we wanna apologize for any inconveniences caused, but we had to delete all posts in our <test_it_with_belmo> FB group. Very soon you'll be sent a feedback form to fill it in. This way it's gonna be much more efficient for us to collect your suggestions and not miss any of them.

Also we're excited to announce that we're working on bigger updates now, so next week we're ready to start a new round of testing with more testers involved. For this reason, we don't invite any new testers to the group at the moment.

Meanwhile, we're fixing some smaller bugs, and a new build is in progress. What's upgraded:
- New balls available! Baseball, Giraffa, Candy swirl and Sweet swirl are at your service.
- Score screen hanging bug is fixed now.
- The release is more stable.
- In One on One game you can skip it when the ball gets in the gutter.
- Hanging when reconnecting bug is fixed.
- Score screen doesn't overlap the disconnect notification popup anymore.
- Profile redesigned. An average score of 10 games added.
- Member card countdown is in days and hours now.

Android users can update it already now
iOS users will be sent an email with a new link a bit later today.

Stay tuned and enjoy testing!

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