Upcoming updates

We are keeping up an intense work to evolve the game and make it even more enjoyable and addicting 😉 It's time to focus on new features appearing in the nearest updates:

- Bowler's 3rd parameter. We have Strength and Speed. Guess what is the 3rd one!
- Quick Replayer
- Sharing option for the Replayer. Yes, you'll be able to share your best shots to your firends!
- Tutorial update.
- And we're about to start the development of the players ranking system.

Once we are good with these we'll jump on the left-handed option, Tournaments, Friends and many more. Stay hungry!

11 Responses

  1. when you are gonna look for more sort of pins like twister pins or something and more bouncy pins?

    • We’re gonna add some Premium pins in the future updates. It’s still an open question what they will be like. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!

  2. 3rd parameter is accuracy or luck? Thanks for all the communication. The game does get better with time.

    • Luck is a nice idea! 😉 But no, it’s not that. You’ll see it soon.

  3. Ben

    I’m guessing the 3rd parameter is accuracy

  4. It’s not about that.

  5. Will there be the option to bowl left handed added at any time?

  6. Your comment*

  7. pleaa laga
    mi trea ta game

  8. Any idea when we get some tournaments? I like how you keep avg. So now how about a singles league? One where you use a handicap, like %80 0f 210… and a scratch league. Just my opinion!! Great game by the way!!

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