Adjust your bowling ball for the best ball performance

Choosing the right bowling ball and making further adjustments to it can affect your bowling game greatly. When you buy your first bowling ball, it will come without holes in it. If you are a serious bowler, it's very important that the hole configuration of your ball fits your hand comfortably and is angled for the best grip, as different layouts and depths may alter the way the ball behaves. And this is why drilling new holes in a bowling ball should be handled by professionals that can work directly with you to give you the best layout for your game.

Further, once you'd have bowled a significant number of games you might want to clean and resurface your ball. Bowling balls have various coverstocks with varying degrees of grit texture, it is important to be able to restore the ball surface at or near factory finish so you can attain the same measure of skid control and back end reaction as when the bowling ball was first acquired. Regular surface maintenance will help you keep your equipment surfaces prepared to match best to the lane oil conditions you encounter.

To make your ball perform the best possible way you'll have a ball setup options in our game. Initially, the ball will come with a basic hole configuration which you'll be able to adjust according to your preferable settings. Also you'll be able to try it out with different hook and length to find out what's the best for your game and increase your average with Bowling by Jason Belmonte.

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