Have some fun tonight!

Posted by Bowling by Jason Belmonte on Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

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1. 謝誌軒gets the Street fight 2. Michael Brandon Creech gets the Match 3. Sandro Brandt gets the Timeless And we have more winners. Here's a leaderboard with the highest scores by 5 best games…/jasonstreamchallenge.php 1. Danny Bosic gets 500 Belmo coins 2. James Little Jr. gets 300 Belmo coins 3. Jim Strode gets…
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What is Smartness?

We've added a 3rd players stat in the latest update. Smartness increases all chips and coins, be they earned or paid, by 2% at the very beginning and by 20% when skilled up to 10 points. The same way it affects experience and parameters upgrade. At the moment we're working on an option which will…
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