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Do you remember?

#TBT check out this old tale score table. Have you ever seen one of these? #throwbackthursday #vintage #retro #oldschool #throwback #bowling #bowlersmart

Опубликовано 10 ноября 2016 г.

The core of the bowling ball

Do y’all guys know what’s the core of a bowling ball?
Let’s have a quick chat about one of the specs of the bowling ball that can increase your chance of landing a strike! The balls are not solid, but have an oddly shaped structure inside them, called a weight block. The core is designed to transfer energy from the ball to the pins at the most critical moment of hitting them. It actually is the heart and soul of the bowling ball. The mass and shape of the weight block do factor in the breakpoint and the hooking which determines the entire motion path of the ball. The curving pattern makes it possible to strike the pins at a greater angle (than a bowling ball that travels in a straight line) hopefully increasing the bowler’s chance of making the best possible shot. And be sure, all of these features are fully realized in our existing physical engine!

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